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Early or Phase I Orthodontic Treatments
Phase I, or early interceptive treatment, is often recommended to patients ages 7-11 who are in the mixed dentition and it usually last from 8-15 months. Dr. Nguyen is very conservative and does not recommend phase I treatment unless it is really needed. Most patients will require a second phase of treatment after the remainder of the permanent teeth erupt, although occasionally phase II treatment is not necessary. The goal of phase I treatment are to lower the risk of dental trauma, to reduce or minimize the need for jaw surgery, to correct harmful oral habits, to influence jaw growth in a positive manner and improve esthetics and self-esteem. After phase I treatment, your child may need to wear temporary retainers and will see the orthodontist every 6 months to evaluate his/her jaw development and eruption progress and to decide on the best time to start Phase 2 treatment. Here are the most common conditions that recognized and considered for phase I treatment (please click on each link below to see different cases that have phase I treatment by Dr Nguyen):
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Skeletal related
Underbite - growth modification
Posterior crossbite
Arch / Skeletal asymmetry
Dental related
Anterior crossbite (single tooth)
Anterior crossbite (multiple teeth)
Ectopic eruption
Significant spaces
Teeth crowding
Harmful habit (finger habit, tongue thrust, ...) correction
Ankylosed primary molar
Premature loss of important primary teeth
Delayed eruption of permanent teeth
Significant dental/skeletal protrusion (class II)
Space problem
Space maintenance
Other conditions
Supernumerary teeth
Migrated teeth
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